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Thank you for visiting our site. My name is Mickey Miller, and I am the owner of Middle Tennessee Cleaning Specialists. Before adventuring into the field of duct cleaning, I spent two years researching the technology before making a decision on what brand line of equipment to purchase. So my thoughts were, if you're going to do something, do it right. I chose to buy my equipment from Abatement Technologies, a true leader in the field of duct cleaning.

Our company uses only state of the art equipment manufactured by Abatement Technology. Our Hepa-Vac is a portable unit which can be used in any place, whether commercial or residential. Once attached, it causes a negative air flow. At this point we will go to each branch line to brush each line to the trunk line. This is a soft ply brush on the end of a drill that enables us to clean metal ducts, flex ducts, or duct board lines. This brush causes most items to break loose from the lines, and the negative air flow from the Hepa-Vac brings it to the trunk line to ensure that we have gotten everything from the branch lines. We then use an air sweep at 185 PSI down each branch line to the trunk line.

Once all the trunk lines are brushed and air is swept to the trunk line, we will then clean the trunk line back to unit with reverse brushes and air sweeps. Once completed, we will repair the trunk line with sheet metal, zip screws, and foil tape completely securing your lines back. Your air duct lines will be clean, without the use of any chemicals. Most residential homes will stay clean for up to 5 years with the use of good filters, heating, and A/C service work on a regular basis.


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